“All Of ‘Em… But I Have To Keep It Under Control” – Cody Johnson Reveals His Favorite Curse Words

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When it comes to cuss words, we all have our favorite. That is unless you are Cody Johnson, who apparently can’t pick just one that he fancies.

Cody Johnson, father, husband, cowboy, and lover of cuss words.

Who would have thought that Cody Johnson would love to throw around some profanities here and there? To be honest, I was a little surprised to hear the Texas native give this answer. He often keeps it nice and clean during his songs and on shows, so I was fully prepared for an “Oh, I don’t cuss” kind of answer.

However, he let the truth fly during a recent interview with Seattle Wolf before his show. When asked what his favorite cuss word was, he told Gabe Mercer, who was interviewing him, he couldn’t pick just one.

“Wooo…ALL of ’em. But I have to keep that under control SO much. See like all of these cameras. Oh man, there are so many…I have so many different usages of the words, but I can’t say it.”

Gabe then tries to string together a phrase of PG words that might mimic what Johnson would throw out, and he replies with his family-friendly version as well.

“Yeah, dang, something like that. Shoot, dadgum.”

While he might not use them publicly anymore his documentary bio about rodeoing notes that Johnson has “said a few cuss words, drank too much and done some things he’d rather not discuss at the dinner table.”

“I used to not want to talk about stuff like that. But, you think, ‘Well, we all got our imperfections. That don’t mean you can’t influence people positively.’ I’ve been given a microphone. If you can turn a failure into something positive, you didn’t really fail.”

While he is choosing to turn a new leaf and leave the profanity-slinging behind, I can only imagine the string of phrases the “Leather” singer utters when he misses a throw while roping or working on the farm.

You know, those Texas folk get creative with their sayings…

While Johnson might not be known for his profanity usage, he is known for his cut-you-to-the-core songwriting. While you’re here, take a listen to one of my personal favorites off his latest album, “Dirt Cheap,” performed at the Grand Ole Opry.

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