Luke Grimes Releases Heartfelt New Single, “God And A Girl”

Luke Grimes country music

Luke Grimes is back with another great single.

Today he released “God And A Girl,” a beautiful love song about how his lady loves him despite his flaws and imperfections, and has opened his eyes to faith and a relationship with God that has changed his life.

Written by Tucker Beathard, Dillon James and Jason Nix, there is some great imagery that paints the picture perfectly:

“Said, ‘Quit hidin’ from me, I wanna see who you are’
Show me the tattoos and scars on your heart
The roads you been down, the habits you kicked
The man in the mirror you hate livin’ with
She wasn’t scared of the walls, I built to protect me
She knew where I was, and that’s right where she met me

She leads me to Jesus, loves me like hell
She keeps me believin’ in more than myself
She picks up the pieces, and turns down the demons
I finally found what I never knew I need in this world
God and a girl”

Of course, Grimes is the Yellowstone star possibly better known as Kayce Dutton, who released his debut country EP Pain Pills Or Pews this past October.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Dave Cobb-produced record, and this single is once again produced by Cobb.

It seems likely that Grimes might have a full-length debut album coming sometime this year, and if all of the songs are as solid as this one, I think we’re in for a worthy project and something with real substance.

Transitioning from acting to music is certainly not easy, and most fail to pull it off, though Grimes actually got into music before he became an actor and has played in several bands over the years. I’m not saying he’s the next Willie Nelson by any means, but it’s been a fascinating venture so far and he seems to have some real musical chops.

This is one of the best singles he’s released so far, and I’m looking forward to hearing more. Check it out:

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