Wyatt Flores Throws Down Stupid Good Live Cover Of Tyler Childers’ “Charleston Girl”

Wyatt Flores
Wyatt Flores

From The Fray to Tyler Childers, Wyatt Flores is proving he can cover it all.

Right after the release of his new single, “Milwaukee,” and after the surprise drop of his cover of The Frey’s iconic hit, “How To Save A Life,” Flores delivers another killer track.

And this time, he covers country music’s sweetheart, Tyler Childers.

Going back in his catalog to the 2018 Live On Red Barn Radio I & II album, Flores lays down an incredible cover of one of my favorites, “Charleston Girl.”

During a recent show, Flores whipped out the ditty and released the live version of the track on YouTube. I will go on and say it, but he needs to cut this in a studio STAT because this is my new hyperfixation cover.

“We may be in the wrong state, but we are still going to sing it.” 

He says he opens the song with strong, clean guitar strums that clearly indicate the song he is covering. He opens the song with a good growl as Childers does, delivering the first lines with powerful vocals as the band chimes, giving the tune a rocking twang.

“Charleston girl in a darkened roomAnd you don’t know her like I doWe took the fire escape to her roomAnd got stoned, ragin’ blindLeft my money in the trustin’ hands…”

The crowd quickly is heard singing in the background, loving the cover he is laying down. Flores takes creative liberty near the end of the song, changing the words to:

“All I know is that when I am good and soberI am leaving Oklahoma for a while…”

Which is the perfect nod to his home of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Flores keeps the integrity of Childers’ original cut of the song but still adds his own elements to make it fit his sound. I think Childers would be proud to hear a young star in the making cover of a song of his this well.

Turn this one all the way up.

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