“Stay Bothered” – Brittany Mahomes Delivers An Arguably Karen-Like Response To Haters Saying She’s A “Karen”

Brittany Mahomes
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Brittany Mahomes is taking a page out her NFL QB husband’s playbook and figuring out how to always spin things to where she’s the underdog.

Earlier this week, a post from CBS Sports that included Mahomes walking from the field to the locker room after the AFC Championship went viral, and it wasn’t because it was a particularly nice moment.

The clip instead garnered a lot of attention thanks to many online saying that Brittany was giving off “Karen energy,” which in this day and age is about the worst thing that can be said about another human being (sorry to all the Karens out there).

You can watch the TikTok below to see if you think the social media response was warranted:

@nfloncbs Vegas bound ❤️ #nfl #mahomes #chiefs #nflplayoffs ♬ original sound – NFL on CBS

Not the worst showing from Brittany that we’ve ever seen, but as someone pointed out in the comment sections, “it was the finger twirl for me.”

So while Patrick Mahomes was fending off “Dad Bod” accusations online this week, his wife Brittany was having to navigate through the less-fun stuff that was going on with her on social media. The NFL QB wife took to her Instagram (story) to share this message in response to the negative messages she was seeing about herself online:

“I take rumors as a compliment. The fact that you’re bringing my name onto tables I don’t sit at shows your obsession. Stay bothered.”

I mean, “bringing my name onto tables” is kind of a “Karen” thing to say, right? Who talks like that? And why even address internet trolls? It’s giving a fair amount of “see the manager” energy when you feel the need to respond to nameless keyboard warriors on the internet. Isn’t your husband playing the Super Bowl next week? Go be rich and new besties with Taylor Swift and buy a new Kristin Juszczyk jacket… and stay off Twitter.

And it looks like it was a family effort to clap back at the haters online, because Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi also put out a similar message on her social media, stating:

“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the truth. Worry about who will be misled, deceived & destroyed if you don’t.”

Definitely some interesting messaging from the Mahomes family, especially considering that it seemed to be a “group effort.” I’m sure Patrick would have put out something if he wasn’t already battling keyboard warriors about his pudgy stomach:

And it’s too bad that the Kansas City Chiefs had to make their way to YET ANOTHER Super Bowl, because I’m sure all things Brittany Mahomes (and Taylor Swift) would have exited the NFL playoffs along with the team.

Can’t believe I’m rooting for the San Francisco 49ers in the “Big Game” this year…

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