Social Media Is Calling Out Brittany Mahomes For Her “Karen Energy” In Viral TikTok Video

Brittany Mahomes

The Kansas City Chiefs have continued to win games this postseason, which means the world gets more coverage of anything and everything associated with the Chiefs, whether we like it or not.

Obviously, that means we are going to hear more about Taylor Swift and whether or not she’ll be able to make it to the Super Bowl to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce. There were some doubts since the pop star has a show in Japan the night before, but all signs are pointing toward her trekking all the way around the globe to be there.

We’ll also see more of Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany, who has been in the limelight more ever since she became buddy-buddy with Taylor Swift. I’d venture to say that no one really knows Mrs. Mahomes all that well, but that hasn’t stopped people from sharing that many hate her on social media.

And in defense of the internet (there usually isn’t much defense for the online community), Brittany hasn’t always helped herself out with some of her social media posts…and how she generally carries herself. This latest video that was posted by CBS Sports wasn’t the worst showing by Brittany, but it was still enough to rub people the wrong way.

The TikTok shows Patrick walking to the locker room with his wife and his brother (who we won’t spend any time on) before having to go separate ways and was captioned:

“Mahomes walking with his family after clinching another trip to the Super Bowl.”

@nfloncbs Vegas bound ❤️ #nfl #mahomes #chiefs #nflplayoffs ♬ original sound – NFL on CBS

That’s definitely not the worst we’ve seen from Brittany, though the attitude and finger waving was enough for some TikTok users to call her out, with some saying she was acting “entitled,” and others calling her something much, much worse:

“It’s the ‘where do we go from here’ with the finger twirl for me.”

“Is there an over or under on when Patrick will retire? I’ll take the over all day, cause no way he want to be home with those two all day everyday.”

“Mahomes’ wife needs to get off her high horse.”

“Brittany Mahomes seems like such a diva.”

“Yeah, she a Karen.”

The “Karen” is what I was alluding to when I said “much, much worse.” No one wants to be called a “Karen” nowadays. It’s basically a curse word at this point…

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