“Why They Have To Do Me Like That?” – Patrick Mahomes Responds To His “Dad Bod” Going Viral

Patrick Mahomes without a shirt
CW Sports

Patrick Mahomes should just be worried about the Super Bowl at this point, but instead, he woke up to see his “Dad Bod” was trending on social media.

Inside The NFL posted a teaser for their full episode that airs on the CW, and in one moment of the clip, a shirtless Patrick Mahomes was shown in the Kansas City Chiefs locker room talking to his team after the team’s emotional NFC Championship win.

That picture (showcasing what peak male performance looks like) has since gone mega-viral online:

Patrick Mahomes is a father of two children, so the “Dad Bod” should really come as no surprise. I’m sure there are a lot of sports fans that just assume that everyone in the NFL is ripped, but Mahomes is here to lower the bar and prove that you don’t need a six-pack to be a successful quarterback.

However, Mahomes was a little upset that Inside The NFL did him dirty and showed him from a “bad angle.” We’ve all got our good sides, and it appears that the Chiefs QB would have preferred for the camera to not focus so much on his belly.

Patrick took to X (formerly Twitter) to share how he really felt about his “Dad Bod” garnering so much attention online, sending out a post that read:

“Yoooo, why they have to do me like that!?”

At least he hash-tagged “Dad Bod Season.” Mahomes realizes that his stomach isn’t exactly toned, and he’s embracing it (as he should).

The two-time Super Bowl winner (who could win his third Lombardi trophy in a matter of days) took a minute to let his first post on X get out there before he replied to himself and added:

“Like, I got kids!”

The “I’ve got kids” excuse is always valid. Just ask Billy Zane’s character in the blockbuster movie Titanic.

It should be hard to feel bad for Patrick Mahomes, but this whole “Dad Bod” social media fiasco does make me sympathize with him a bit. As someone who’s been rocking a “Dad Bod” for basically my entire life, I stand with Mahomes and all the other “Belly Boys” out there.

And I do feel as though a lot of the social media commentary criticizing Mahomes’ body is a classic case of throwing stones from a glass house…

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