Dan Patrick Suggests Moving The Super Bowl From Sunday To Saturday & Everyone Should Be On Board

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Super Bowl Sunday to Super Bowl Saturday?

Let’s make it happen. And I mean as soon as possible. Even if we were somehow able to move this year’s Super Bowl up to Saturday, that would be phenomenal. It just makes too much sense, which is probably why it will never happen.

You may have heard this take before, but sports talk show host Dan Patrick spoke about it most recently, so we’ll just say that he was the first one to bring up the idea.

On The Dan Patrick Show, the longtime host and sports personality laid out the potential Super Bowl switch, and I really have no idea how someone could argue against this:

“I’ve got a grassroots campaign that I want to run by, and I want you to tell me if you like it, and what we can do. So something to think about when it comes to when the Super Bowl is played…

If we have two weeks in between conference title games and the Super Bowl, how about we play the Super Bowl on the Saturday instead of the Sunday two weeks after the AFC and NFC title games? Who’s with me?”

The answer to that, Dan Patrick, is every single person on the planet. Maybe even some aliens off in deep space that have figured out how to tap into the Super Bowl broadcast and watch the “Big Game” would prefer for it to happen a little earlier.

There is absolutely nothing worse than the Monday after the Super Bowl. Everyone is worthless and bloated from the Super Bowl parties the night before, and a lot of people are sad that football is over and won’t be back for seven months.

Some have proposed that the Monday after the Super Bowl be declared a national holiday, but you know what makes more sense than that? Moving the game to the day before and having a built in recovery day on Sunday.

Patrick went on to explain some of the advantages of moving up the “Big Game” a day early, and how it wouldn’t really affect the players participating:

“Wouldn’t it be great that you have all of this time? So both teams get plenty of rest, Saturday is the Super Bowl, Sunday you get to recover…

We’re starting the campaign here. Two weeks in between, how about a Super Bowl Saturday Night?”

“Super Bowl Saturday” almost sounds better than “Super Bowl Sunday,” does it not? I’m sure some people would be hung up on that switching, but the alliteration that the latter offers is still present (and potentially better) in the former.

If that last paragraph confused you, then just scan over this meme below and keep moving through the story:

One of Patrick’s producers chimed in to support the idea of moving the Super Bowl a day up, and discussed how it could really improve on the enjoyment of the game itself:

“The idea that you could (have the game on) Saturday, put the game at even a little bit later start, doesn’t have to be 6:15 p.m, could be 7:00 p.m.

People could have parties, stay out later, not worry about running home and being at work the next day. I think you’d find almost unanimous support for that.”

With 2024 being an election year, if one of the candidates were to run on a campaign promise that they would move the Super Bowl to a Saturday instead of a Sunday, there is absolutely no doubt that the “Super Bowl Switch” platform alone could swing the election. That’s how important football is in this country.

Hopefully Dan Patrick gets a petition going, and if he does, I’ll make sure to plug a link into this story so you and the rest of this football crazed nation can go and sign it.

For now though, you’ll just have to watch the clip below of Dan Patrick explaining his brilliant idea:

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