Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Roasted For Commenting On OnlyFans Model’s TikTok: “Already Acting Presidential”

Tyler Idol via TikTok/Getty Images

Just carrying on the Kennedy family legacy…

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who’s running for president as an independent after initially seeking the Democrat nomination, is the son of former US Attorney General and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, as well as the nephew of former president John F. Kennedy and former Senator Ted Kennedy.

And just like his uncles were known for their wandering eyes, it seems that RFK Jr., who is married to actress Cheryl Hines and has six children from two previous marriages, still can’t seem to resist the ladies when he sees them.

Photos and video are going around of a comment left by RFK Jr.’s official TikTok account on a video of an OnlyFans model showing off her…shapely behind.

Now, is the most likely explanation that this comment was left by some intern with access to his TikTok account who forgot to sign into their own personal account? Sure.

But where’s the fun in that?

Instead, the internet is laughing at the jacked, tan presidential candidate commenting on thirst traps on TikTok – and some are convinced it’s a good thing for his campaign:

And as country singer Heath Sanders points out, RFK Jr. is already acting like…well, pretty much everybody else who’s ever been president.

“RFK Jr: Asses, not vaxes.” It’s the perfect campaign slogan for him really.

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