“2024, The Year Of Alabama” – Muscadine Bloodline Embraces Their Roots With A Day To Remember Cover Featuring Drayton Farley

Muscadine Bloodline Drayton Farley
Muscadine Bloodline

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: Alabama is making a strong case for producing some of the best country music on the planet.

With country music acts like Jason Isbell, Muscadine Bloodline, Adam Hood, and the Red Clay Strays coming out of the Alabama music scene, those names are just the tip of the talent that the state has to offer. Not to mention legends like Hank Williams, Jamey Johnson, Alabama and Emmylou Harris.

Recently, the Yellowhammer State ahs featured breakout artists like  Drayton Farley, Taylor Hunnicutt, Them Dirty Roses, and Ritch Henderson, proving that country music is in good hands if it continues in the direction these artists are taking it.

Two homegrown Alabama boys, Muscadine Bloodline, have always championed their roots, but they are screaming from the mountain tops that country music fans need to turn their heads with their latest music announcement.

“We’ve gotten all we ever wanted out of music, and 2023 was the year to not make music with ambitious intent. Finally, we put out a record in ‘Teenage Dixie’ that felt like the end of a 7-year journey finding ‘our thing.’

Then, the ‘Teenage Angst’ EP was just the product of having fun. That’s how we’ve approached writing this new record we got coming this year…’Is it our thing? And is it fun?’ And then we proceeded to mess around and write and recorded the best record we’ve ever made. 

The only caveat this year is we wanna champion artists we love and, more specifically, artists from our home state of Alabama. It’s been incredible to see our fellow hometown boys, the Red Clay Strays, finally getting the recognition they deserve. Our girl, Taylor Hunnicutt, just announced her debut record, and guys like Drayton Farley, who goes toe to toe with any singer/songwriter out right now (side note: they are all independent).” 

The boys write on Instagram highlighting names you need to pay attention to if you have not already started listening to these incredible artists. After dropping the hint that a new album is coming out this year and saying kind words about their peers, they let fans know new music is on the way and SOON.

“So, in the spirit of “Our Thing, Fun, & Alabama” we decided to put out a cover of A Day To Remember song with our friend Drayton Farley. A band all three of us grew up on. This will be the last song before we start rolling out the album. 

‘Have Faith In Me,’ out at midnight.”

Let’s get loud and proud of the faces of Alabama… this post made me feel like the musicians from the southern state are about to run through a brick wall and shake up the scene in a killer way.

In honor of new Muscadine Bloodline and Drayton Farley dropping at midnight, familiarize yourself with the song they are covering. I am sure their version will become a quick favorite.

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