Tyler Childers Performs Acoustic Version Of Fan-Favorite “Lady May” At Nashville’s City Winery

Tyler Childers
YouTube/Beth Boylan

Tyler Childers stripped down is always a treat.

The Kentucky native has been touring non-stop, and as he gears up for the Mule Pull ’24 Tour, Childers changed his pace, slowing things down for a stellar acoustic show.

The other night, Childers took the stage at City Winery Nashville for a show titled “Hello From The Hills.” The evening featured performances from Wynonna Judd, Ben Folds, SG Goodman, Abby Hamilton, Gabe Lee, Lindsay Lou, and Jeremy Short, with Childers being the final act of the evening.

Accompanied by a fiddle and another acoustic guitar, the performance is intimate and gentle as Childers sits in a chair and is focused on sharing his craft with a limited audience. While videos of the whole set have surfaced on the internet (what a glorious place), “Lady May” has stuck out to me as one of the best songs from the night.

As we are used to a shaggy Childers from his Purgatory era singing the song with a bit of grit, he took a much softer approach to the ginger love song in this performance.

“I’ll play a love song, huh?”

Childers tells the near-silent crowd as he tunes his guitar and prepares to strike into the opening guitar lick. The crowd cheers quickly and then becomes still again, intently listening to Childers.

Childers still carries his powerful voice through the song and whispers the end of the chorus into the microphone. You can feel his love for his wife, Senora May, as he sings the tender song.

The ebbs and flows of the powerfully sung lines and gentle lines keep listeners dialed in throughout the performance. It’s no secret that “Lady May” is a fan favorite, and this performance highlights how powerful the song is and why it resonates with so many.

Childers unplugged showcases his talent on a whole other level.


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