Mountain Lion Eats Family Cat & Aggressively Lunges At Woman Through Cabin Window In Scary Footage

mountain lion

Staying at a cabin in the wilderness is supposed to be a relaxing experience, though it’s hard to fully relax when a wild cougar is staring at you through your cabin windows.

Mandy Snow, who was inside of the cabin in Barrier, British Columbia, shared this harrowing video to her Instagram account back in early January.

The clip shows a mountain lion in Snow’s garage, who unfortunately had gotten into the structure and allegedly ate the family cat in the process.

There’s some hope that the house cat made it through the scary encounter, but I’d say the fur caked onto the mountain lion’s mouth tells a different story. The small cat likely didn’t make it through the cat-on-cat attack.

Snow had heard the ruckus coming from the outer portion of the cabin and went to investigate when the video first picks up. It’s then when we see the cougar looking around behind it to see if the coast was clear before turning and fixing its eyes on the woman filming it through the window.

Once the big cat sees the woman, its ears go back and its teeth come out as the wild animal growls in self-defense (though it look like it could certainly handle itself).

The cougar continues to hiss and lock eyes with the person inside the cabin, and finally decides to test out the strength of the glass that separates the woman from the mountain lion.

In the blink of an eye, the cougar uses its strong back legs to propel itself up to the window, smacking into the glass with its face and paws. For a moment, the big cat is perplexed by the glass, but it quickly gets back to staring viciously at the woman holding the camera.

And just for good measure, the mountain lion let out a couple more menacing hisses before it got back to whatever it was doing just underneath the garage window (likely finishing off the remnants of the house cat, as much as I hate to say that).

It’s as terrifying a video as you’ll likely ever see, and the woman filming was very fortunate to find out that her garage window’s glass was “cougar-proof.”

Take a look:

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