Matthew McConaughey Calls Sturgill Simpson’s “Metamodern Sounds In Country Music” One Of The Best Albums He’s Heard

Sturgill Simpson
Sturgill Simpson

Is there a cooler dude on the planet than Matthew McConaughey?

Obviously, he’s one of the greatest actors of our generation (and I’m not just saying that because he starred in a movie about my alma mater, “We Are Marshall”).

But aside from all of the classic films he’s had like “Dazed and Confused” and “Dallas Buyers Club,” and the rom-coms like “Failure to Launch,” he’s just an all around cool dude.

From doing peyote with a mountain lion to name-dropping George Strait to get laid, to raising millions of dollars for his home state of Texas… the guy is just a level of cool that most of us will never reach.

And he’s also got some pretty damn good taste in music.

McConaughey once joined The Justin Moore Podcast for a must-listen conversation with Justin and his manager, JR, discussing everything from college football to his dad dying while he was having sex with his mom.

And of course they discussed country music too.

When Justin asked McConaughey if he’s a country fan, he had a simple answer:

“I’m a good music fan.”

McConaughey cited Waylon Jennings as his favorite country voice, but he also mentioned a newer album as one of the best he’s heard recently: Sturgill Simpson‘s Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.

“I’ve always liked certain country… Waylon would be my favorite country voice, and then I love that “Metamodern Sound” by Sturgill, that’s one of the best albums I’ve heard recently, front to back, as far as it having a full identity.”

Now, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anybody.

First of all, I think we can all picture Matthew McConaughey getting high on some wild shit and listening to some Sturgill while thinking about the meaning of the world (it’s turtles all the way down, for the record).

And this isn’t the first time McConaughey has shown some love for Sturgill, sharing a photo on Instagram last year of his cassette collection (yes, cassettes… again, classic McConaughey) featuring some Sturgill Simpson.

He also released a show on Spotify about “finding your frequency” during his book tour last year, and included Sturgill’s “It Ain’t All Flowers” from Metamodern Sounds in Country Music on the playlist.

Seems like McConaughey is a BIG Sturgill guy, which makes sense, because Sturgill is one of the coolest guys in country music. Game respects game, I guess.

During the interview on The Justin Moore Podcast, McConaughey also talked about starring in Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe” video, and told a hilarious story about a bet he once made with Jamey Johnson.

It’s a must-listen interview, so check out the full episode here:

Cue up the Stu:

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