Dolly Parton OWNS Barbara Walters In 1977 Interview After Barbara Implies She Looks Like A Joke

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If for some inexplicable reason you need further proof that Dolly Parton is an absolute national treasure who must be protected at all costs, I have it for you right here.

I was casually scrolling through the internet, minding my own business, when I came across the most amazing video of Dolly I think I’ve ever seen (which is saying a lot if you know how much I love Dolly).

It comes from a 1977 interview with Barbara Walters, where Barb questions Dolly about her appearance (in the rudest way possible, might I add) and doesn’t let up.

Of course, Dolly being the diamond that she is, responds with grace and class.

She admits that her signature look has a purpose (other than the very valid reason that she simply likes it), saying it’s helped her catch people’s attention in a way that has allowed her to show her true colors and character on the inside:

“Once they got passed the shock of the ridiculous way I looked and all that, then they would see there was parts of me to be appreciated.

I’m very real where it counts, and that’s inside. And as far as my outlook on life, and the way I care about people, and the way I care about myself, and he things I care about.

I just chose to do this… show business is a money making joke, and I’ve just always liked telling jokes.”

Amen to that, Mrs. Dolly.

That’s when Barb comes in asking her if she ever feels that she’s “a joke,” adding that people make fun of her, as if Dolly doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing.

Here’s what Dolly has to say about that:

“I know they make fun of me, but actually all these years the people, you know, have thought the joke is on me, but it’s actually been on the public.

I know exactly what I’m doing, and I can change it at any time. I make more jokes about myself than anybody…”


Watch that part for yourself:

She then goes on to give Barb a lesson in self-love, judgment, and confidence:

“Like I said, I am sure of myself as a person. I am sure of my talent. And I’m sure of my love for life and that sort of thing. I’m very content. I like the kind of person that I am.

So, I can afford to piddle around and do-diddle around with makeup and clothes and stuff, because I am secure with myself.”

She straight up body bags Barb on national TV like the queen that she is.

First of all, Barbara opens the interview telling Dolly she “doesn’t have to look like this,” and then continues to list off things about her appearance like her blonde hair, outfit selections, and her measurements. And I’m gonna have to stop you right there Barb…

You’re gonna sit there and try to tell the Queen of country music, with one of the most beautiful, iconic and recognizable looks of ALL TIME how SHE should dress and what she should do with her hair and makeup? That’s gonna be a hell no from me.

And then you have the audacity to ask Dolly if she feels like a joke? Outta my face with that noise. This interview never fails to get my fired up, and is a timeless lesson on class and grace that will never go out of style, in my opinion.

And while Barb continues to be a complete bee-otch right to Dolly’s face, with her little comments about “your kind of people,” and asking her about her “hillbilly family,” Dolly responds by telling her it’s a personal choice and she couldn’t have been any nicer about it.

Not offended whatsoever… it just makes me love her even more.

Dolly has never been one to shy away from conversations about her looks, either, and in fact, one of her most famous quotes is:

“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!”

What in the world did we do to deserve Dolly?

Like she said in the interview, she can (and does) make fun of herself, but beyond all that shallow stuff that doesn’t actually matter at all, it is what’s on the inside that counts. And on the inside, Dolly is one of the realest and most genuine people in the world.

You can watch the full conversation here:

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