Deion Sanders Says He Isn’t Leaving Colorado Despite Offers From Other Schools: “I Don’t Inherit A Legacy, I Build It”

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University of Colorado

If you follow college football, then you know Deion Sanders’ first season as head football coach at Colorado was a roller coaster.

The team got off to a fast start, starting off 3-0, already winning two more games than Colorado won in all of the previous season. Boulder became the epicenter for celebrities to make an appearance at games, and it appeared that Colorado was well on its way to a bowl game…

Until everything fell apart.

After blowing a 29 point lead to Stanford and losing the game, Colorado went through a terrible decline, going 1-8 in their last nine games to finish the season 4-8.

Of course, no rational person believed that things were going to be perfect in Sanders’ first season, especially after the team only went 1-11 the previous season. However, the fact that they weren’t able to win at least six games and make a bowl after their hot start was nothing short of shocking and disappointing.

But, if you think the disappointing season took away other schools’ interest in Sanders, think again, because Coach Prime himself admitted today while on Undisputed that other schools are still reaching out to him:

“A couple times. Couple times. Couple times, but I’m happy where I am, as you see. If I’m out there home shopping with my kid, that mean I don’t plan on going anywhere. I got a kickstand down. I’m straight. I’m straight.

I love this fanbase. I love them. I’m looking out the window right now at these snow-covered mountains. I love… I’ve been snowmobiling the last two weekends and skiing. That’s something a Florida boy ain’t never done.”

He also added that’s more focused on building a legacy… not being a part of someone else’s.

“I don’t inherit a legacy, I build it. I’m not that kind of guy that is going to run off to another school and inherit an already winning team that’s just two, three games away… No, I inherited some bull junk and I’m gonna fix it.”

It appears that Coach Prime himself is content with where he’s at at the moment.

You can check out the full conversation below:

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