Rob Gronkowski Says Two NFL Teams Tried To Bring Him Out Of Retirement This Past Season

Rob Gronkowski
The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon

Looks like Tom Brady isn’t the only former New England Patriot/Tampa Bay Buccaneer that was trying to be lured out of retirement (again) this past year.

There was no official word that Tom Brady was being reached out to, but you just know that a couple of teams out there (the New York Jets) tried to pitch a comeback to the GOAT when their teams got into tough situations.

And a former teammate of Brady’s apparently got a couple of looks from a number of different NFL teams as well, and that teammate was none other than tight end Rob Gronkowski.

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Gronkowski was asked if any teams had reached out this past season to get him back on the football field. He didn’t get super detailed with his answer, but he gave enough information to make it intriguing:

“Two of them actually did, and I’ll give you a clue. One of them was here in this city (New York City). But it wasn’t during the season, it was actually a couple of months before the season.”

So it literally sounds like the New York Jets were thinking about getting Brady and Gronk to come and team up in New York, unless it was the Giants who were trying to bring Gronkowski aboard.

Either way, the former tight end made an exceptional choice staying retired since both New York teams stink (stank, stunk). Plus, Gronk seems to be happily retired, even though he is the same age as Travis Kelce (34), who still happens to be playing football at a high level for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Gronk went on to say how much he thought about the offer, and why he ended up not getting back into the game:

“I considered it for like two seconds. It felt good, it boosted my ego a little bit. I was like ‘Yeah, thanks coach. You still think I have it. I appreciate that.’ I’m happily retired man, I did my time, 11 years… 11 surgeries.”

Yeah, the 11 years, 11 surgeries is without a doubt what caused Gronk to hang it up a little bit earlier than he would have liked to.

And because his playing days are in the rear view mirror, Jimmy Fallon threw out a wild question (emphasis on wild) about some of the NFL’s head coaching vacancies, and whether or not Gronk would consider coaching. He responded by saying this:

“Umm… I really would never consider coaching. Not in the NFL. I would consider coaching my kid one day. NFL coaching, the regimen is just crazy.”

Yeah, not sure Gronk is “NFL coach” material. He’s more “DJ your cousin’s wedding” material.

You can hear more of what he said in the clip below:

If you really think about it, how could Rob Gronkowski give up his cushy NFL analyst job?

Sure, playing football is fun, and the money is good, but Gronk is making “football money” just by talking about it once or twice a week on television.

As you can see in the clip below, he really has a natural talent for breaking down games:

Okay, maybe “The Gronk” still has some work to do…

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