Pat McAfee Doesn’t Understand The Hate For Taylor Swift From Football Fans: “I’m Sick Of People Being Mad About It”

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It seems like everyone outside of the Kansas City area was rooting for the Ravens on Sunday.

As the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game, all across social media people were hoping to see Lamar Jackson and his Ravens keep Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs from appearing in their fourth Super Bowl in five years.

And of course keep us from two weeks of nonstop coverage of the relationship between global superstar Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Ever since the relationship became public, fans have been annoyed with the amount of coverage that networks have given Taylor Swift during Chiefs games (although someone did the math and it turns out she’s only gotten a whopping .46% of the coverage during the two Chiefs playoff games).

But alas, football fans who were hoping for a reprieve from having to hear about Taylor Swift during the Super Bowl were left disappointed after Kansas City were left disappointed when the Chiefs took down the Ravens and punched their ticket to Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium.

And while there were plenty of people who voiced their displeasure about having two weeks of Taylor Swift coverage ahead of the big game, one of the sport’s biggest voices came out in support of the pop star.

Pat McAfee spoke about the hate that Taylor Swift has been receiving from football fans on The Pat McAfee Show – and he doesn’t understand it.

“The most successful woman on earth right now, dating the greatest tight end of all time, who’s on the current dynasty – why is everybody so mad about it? Why is everybody so mad about it?

I’m sick of people being mad about it. What are we even talking about?”

McAfee admits he understood the initial frustration, when networks were also pushing Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie that came out around the time she started appearing at Chiefs games:

“At the beginning I could see it.

‘Oh, she’s releasing a movie? Oh he’s on 14 commercials? Oh we’re getting worked right now? The NFL, a bunch of bums right now shoving it down our throats. I’m sick of seeing it. Every commercial? Him. Every game? Her.’

I can see that.”

But now that their relationship has progressed, McAfee says it’s time that people cool it with the hate:

“Did you see them after the game yesterday?

Taylor’s a part of the football world now. This is good news, not bad news.

But a lot of people are gonna say, ‘Well how many times is CBS going to show Taylor Swift at that Super Bowl?’

Well, she is a global phenomenon. She’s selling out stadiums in all these countries in which its their first game they’re watching every single year. I assume they’re gonna show Taylor a lot.”

I think that’s a pretty safe bet…

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