Clydesdale Acts As A Tow Truck, Pulls Ford Focus Out Of A Ditch

clydesdale horse pulls car
Jerome Mouret

We’re always asking how much horsepower our vehicles have, but we’re never asking how much horsepower it would take to pull our vehicles out of a ditch.

It might be an oddly specific question to ask, but it was one that was answered rather clearly with this video from a couple of years back. And after doing the quick math here, it only took one horse’s power to get this 300 horse power vehicle unstuck (pretty good for a non-math major).

Are we sure this isn’t going to be Budweiser’s newest Super Bowl commercial? Maybe they are doing a little synergy thing and pairing up with Ford to do an advertisement for the “Big Game?” Though when I think about it, this might be a Budweiser – Chevy commercial, since Ford probably wouldn’t want to show their vehicle stuck in a very shallow ditch.

Once they got the horse all tied up and ready to go, it was able to dig in and pull out the Ford Focus like it was nothing. The power that the horse possesses was ready to match the task at hand, and really makes you think about how everything is measured in horse power (even generators).

The post’s caption gave some more information on the incident, saying:

“This incident happened in April 2019 at the Equi-trait Jeunes event in Haras National de Lamballe, France. A Ford Focus, stuck in an unfortunate position, was saved by an unconventional tow truck.”


It’s not everyday that you see a non-vehicle pull out a vehicle from a tough spot, but I’m honestly here for it.

I think a “horse powered towing service” would gain some real traction. Maybe that’s the next million dollar idea? Like Matthew McConaughey once said in a Lincoln commercial, “sometimes you need to go back to actually move forward.”

Social media users loved the clip, and shared their thoughts on the horse power in action with some supportive replies:

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