Bald Eagle Struggles To Land Big Fish Into Its Nest For Eaglets

Bald eagle tries to get into nest
Paul Steven

That’s one big catch.

Bald eagles are a damn cool animal. A majestic symbol of strength, courage and freedom, any animal with those characteristics would have to be pretty badass, right? Well, they really are…

They are the definition of an apex predator. Nothing really hunts them, but they hunt a lot of things. Sure, the odd bear might try to get to their nest but they are only hunting the young, not mature eagles.

The love hunting around water bodies, with fish being their favorite meal due to its high levels of protein. They will also hunt any small mammal, and sometimes not so small, other birds and even scavenge dead animals when they can.

They can weigh up to 15-pounds and have a wingspan that can span out up to 6.5-feet… just massive birds. And to top it off they have vision that will scare you, coming in at 20/5. They can see 4 to 8 times better than the average human, making them able to spot a rabbit up to 3-miles away…

Their characteristics speak for themselves, they were literally built to be hunters.

Watching them in action is always amazing. Seeing one come in and make you look like a fool while fishing is always a treat. I’ve fished all day long with little luck only to have a eagle come and catch a fish nearly at the end of my line.

This eagle showcases their amazing hunting abilities as it tries to get a fish up to its eaglets sitting in the nest.

There’s only one problem, the fish is huge. The eagle tries to fly up but gets in to close and can’t make it all the way. It rests for a few minutes coming up with a game plan.

It then jumps and takes a big swoop around getting above the nest and coming down into it.

The babies are now fed and the mission? Accomplished.

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