Leopard Seal Brutally Slams Mangled Penguin Carcass Up Against Iceberg

Nature is Metal

Anyone that thinks penguins are cute (or has seen the children’s movie Happy Feet) should look away.

On the contrary, if you are interested in watching leopard seals in action, you’ve come to the right place. The account that posted this video is called “Nature is Metal,” and if I’m being honest, there’s really no better way to describe this footage.

I suppose it’s just another example of the circle of life, though it definitely seems like the leopard seal is practicing some additional, unnecessary violence on what’s left of this poor penguin.

When it picks up the penguin carcass out of the water and launches it against the iceberg, it does look like it chews before it goes back down beneath the water.

So there’s a chance the seal is doing this to get some of the meat out of the penguin. It just seems like there’s got to be an easier way to accomplish that though, doesn’t it? Or is that just me?

That initial slam is all we see, because otherwise, it appears that the seal does most of the penguin dissection underneath the water. And that’s fine by me…I didn’t want to see anymore of the penguin half than I had to.

The post’s caption suggests that the leopard seal might be playing, or is in acting in a way that’s “lazy” after the penguin chase down wore it out. I’d say that it was more “ruthless” than “lazy,” but I guess you can be the judge when you see for yourself:

It’s not out of the ordinary for seals to hunt penguins, but something tells me this leopard seal in particular went after this flipper-ed creature because it got a good deal on it.

If I had to take a guess, this seal decided to eat the penguin as a meal because it was 50% off (sorry, the joke was right there, I had to).

I’ll use that bad joke as an even worse segue to what some Instagram users were leaving as comments below the post:

“It likes to tenderize its meat before consuming it.”

“That thwack was personal. I wonder what the penguin did to piss him off.”

“Leopard seals are f**king scary.”

“Someone needs to teach that seal to stop playing with its food.”

“Poor penguin. Get well soon.”

Oh boy…who is going to tell the person that left that last comment? That penguin has absolutely ZERO chance of getting well soon.

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