Fish Comes Flying Out Of The Water & Smacks Fisherman Right In The Face

Flying fish hits fisherman

Life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could get slapped in the face by a fish.

That well-known saying needed a little modification so it could accurately represent the wild scene that played out in this video. Fishing is usually seen as a very relaxing hobby, as long as the fish do not come flying out of the water to launch an aerial attack.

But then again, I respect the fish in this clip that decided to go “John Wick” mode and seek revenge against these deep sea fishermen. I’m guessing that it propelled itself up and out of the water for this cheap shot because it had seen so many of its fish friends hooked and reeled in.

In the clip, it appears that the fisherman never even saw the fish rocketing through the air and right towards his face. Maybe he got slapped across the face by a high-speed fish because he was simply mesmerized by the creature’s ability to skid across the water and send itself soaring right towards the boat?

With how the footage is captured, we don’t know if the fish hit the guy’s face, but it sure does seem like it was a direct hit. Just going based off of the man’s reaction, I think the fish hit him square in the face (and I like to imagine the fish did a little tail flick right before contact to really tag the fisherman).

You can take a look at the wild video below:

There have been plenty of “fisherman hit by fish” videos over the years, but the one above might be the most impressive one I’ve ever laid eyes on. How about the body and flight control by the fish? If it was, in fact, aiming for the fisherman, it’s safe to say it hit the bullseye.

Social media users had a lot of fun watching the clip, and left some rather comical replies below the post:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock