Marlin Comes Flying Into Boat & Sends Fisherman Diving Overboard

Marlin flies into boat
Jeff C

If you are deep sea fishing, and a marlin comes flying into your boat, does that mean you also went fly fishing?

Just a question to ponder about. I know that the art of fly fishing refers to the technique that is used and not that the fish are actually flying, but it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to drop in some fishing puns (actually, I probably could do it everyday, there are a lot of fish/fishing videos out there).

Try and put yourself in the shoes of these three fisherman as they had a marlin on the line and were doing their best to reel it in. Catching a big ol’ marlin is really every fisherman and fisherwoman’s dream, and these guys were so close they could probably taste it (I’ve been told they make for great poke).

As you’ll be able see, once the trophy fish was hooked, it was no walk in the park for these guys out on the ocean. The marlin was giving it all that it could to break free, and the men in the boat were fighting equally as hard to bring the fish into the boat.

I like to think that during the battle to bring it in, one of the guys said something like:

“Man, if we could just get this thing into the boat.”

And in a perfect world, the marlin somehow heard that (and understood English) and responded with a snarky:

“Oh yeah? I’ll show you getting into the boat.”

That’s a stretch, I know, but with how things went down, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. The marlin was fighting the line from side to side, and then all of the sudden, it decided to go full send forwards and into the back of the boat.

You probably already know that marlins have a very long, sword like bill, so it is on the short list of fish you would prefer not to have catapulting in your direction. Thankfully, none of the fishermen in the video were impaled by the marlin’s sharp snout, but once it landed in the boat, one of the men decided he’d be safer going overboard.

Whether it was accidental or intentional, the man went bumbling and stumbling off the back of boat as the hooked marlin flopped around on the deck. It was a classic case of the “hunter being hunted,” though it appears that eventually the group of fishermen were able to get back on the boat, and claim the feisty marlin as their own.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock