Young Buffalo Bills Fan Trolls Taylor Swift With “Josh Allen Distracted Boyfriend” Meme

Bills fan trolls Taylor

This might be the best usage of a meme I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

For people reading this over, let’s say, 55-year-old, a “meme” is just a visual image that acts as a joke that is usually shared online.

However, sometimes memes make it off the internet and into real life, like this one did ahead of the highly anticipated matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs.

Specifically, we’re talking about the “distracted boyfriend meme,” which has been a very popular one in the years since it was created (no one really knows when memes are created, they are just all of the sudden there).

For reference, here is a version of the meme that was made into a video by the power of artificial intelligence:

So how did the distracted boyfriend meme come into play with this NFL playoff game, you might asking? If you guessed that it had something to do with Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, you would be correct.

You already know that NFL fans are going to get a healthy dose of Taylor Swift cutaways during the Chiefs game. That’s just how its been all season long thanks to her and Kelce’s high profile relationship.

But this time, the tables were turned on Taylor Swift by a Bills fans, and you know Bills fans love turning tables (usually by jumping through them). A young Bills fan took that “distracted boyfriend meme” and modified it, and it is legendary.

He held up the meme sign as Taylor Swift walked by, and it looks like it really got through to the pop star. The image shows Swift walking along with her boyfriend Travis Kelce, but then looking back to take a gander at Bills QB Josh Allen.

It was an absolute meme masterclass:

And just in case you need another look at it, here is a “distracted boyfriend meme” that impressively uses the “distracted boyfriend meme” to show that the Josh Allen-Travis Kelce version of the image is better than the original meme (meme-ception, if you will).

Check it out:

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