Marcus King Lays It On The Line With Emotional New Single “F*ck My Life Up Again”

Marcus King country music
Marcus King

Marcus King is BACK, baby.

After teasing the new single, Marcus King drops the full version of “F*ck My Life Up Again.” The emotional ballad received loads of positive feedback from the snippets King shared prior to the release, and today, the full version lives up to the hype.

King tears down the walls of being a rough and tough cowboy, sharing through provoking lyrics that highlight the heartbreak, pain, and toxicity of a relationship that needs to be let go of.

 “I was hesitant to record a song with such a foul word in it given my southern, Christian upbringing, but there were no other words I could find to capture the emotion I felt.

The anger associated with missing someone you know is only going to bring you pain, missing a relationship that only hurts you, feeling hopeless to the point of wanting them to come back because the only thing worse than the co-dependent hell you created together is the profound loneliness you feel.”

Marcus King teamed up with legendary producer Rick Ruben for the single released via American/Republic Records. The soulful melodies hit the R&B sound that King found on his last record, Young Blood, but still pose a fresh side to his distinct southern rock roots, showing that his music is ever evolving.

The real shining star of this song is the raw lyrics. He lays it all on the line, sharing insight into the thoughts of a broken man stuck in a toxic cycle. Although King said he didn’t love using the word “f*ck” in the title… sometimes there is no other way to describe someone/something messing up your life and holding you back.

“Come f*ck my life up again
I don’t deserve to live without pain
Destroy all my confidence again
Cut me down and let me feel ashamed
Come f*ck my life up again
Our hell was paradise to me
Happiness makes me feel so weak
Come f*ck my life up again..”

The lyric video visually brings the words to life as King is seen sitting by a pool, appearing deep in thought, wrestling with emotions, and eventually submerging himself in the water. Just like a man drowning in his own feelings and thoughts.

This song is so incredibly sad but it makes me so incredibly happy. Turn this one all the way up.

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