Marcus King Announces New Single “F*ck My Life Up Again”

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Danny Cinch

The announcement is officially here.

Marcus King is dropping his first single since the release of his 2022 album Young Blood. Last week, King took to social media and began teasing a new song, and while he often does this with tracks, the frequency of these teaser clips set off my radar that new music was on the way.

The snippet of lyrics he teased highlighted some heavy lyrics, and now, with the song title being revealed, this one is about to be a doozy.

“I’m so thankful to share this song with y’all in its entirety! Thank you for listening and thank you for the opportunity to share and feel heard! “F*ck My Life Up Again” out 1/19!”

The lyrics he teases once again highlight what seems like a toxic relationship and the back and forth of feeling like you can’t get out. While this toxic relationship appears to have some mentally abusive attributes, King sings the heartbreaking lyrics of feeling like this is the best “love” he deserves.

“Come f*ck my life up again
I don’t deserve to live without pain
Destroy all my confidence again
Cut me down and let me feel ashamed
Our hell was paradise to me
Happiness makes me feel so weak
So come f*ck my life up again.” 

He also shared a stunning piano ballad of him singing the gut-wrenching lyrics, highlighting his incredible vocal range (and the fact that he can shred more than a guitar):

Commenters quickly filled up the comment section, noting how the lyrics had to have been written by a man who had experienced this kind of pain. While King is now in a happy marriage with Briley King, one user noted that King noted during a show when performing the track that he has been sitting on this track for a long time and wrote it during a dark time.

Songs like this that have been in the vault for some time hurt so good. The emotions the artist had to have felt to write lyrics like this can only be shared once the hurt has passed. But, no matter how long ago that was, the words still stick, and you can feel the emotion with each word.

Eight days till we get this gem. January 19th, get here quickly.

Check out King performing the song at the end of last year in Athens, Georgia.

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