“I’m The Biggest Bruins Homo” – Hockey Commentator Has Two Absolutely BRUTAL Slip Ups In One Day

Pete Blackburn

If you thought you had a terrible day, just wait and see how bad things went for this hockey commentator.

Pete Blackburn is a co-host of the What Chaos! show, and also helps out with NHL coverage for Bally Sports and Stadium. He was lending some of his hockey expertise to another program called The Rally, and it was during a segment about the Tampa Bay Lightning that Blackburn had an all-time slip up.

As the media personality talked about the Lightning, and the state of the NHL’s eastern conference, he got some words jumbled up, and it came out like this:

“They may not be the power in the eastern conference as they’ve been for a little bit now, but the eastern conference in my mind is wide open. There is not a real standout team, and that’s coming from me, a Bruins fan. I’m the biggest Bruins homo…hobo…”

What Blackburn was meaning to say was that he was the “biggest Bruins homer,” which means he is such a big fan of the Boston Bruins that his fandom can sometimes blind him in sports debates and arguments. Instead, he accidentally called himself a “Bruins homo,” then tried to correct it and messed up again by saying he was a “Bruins hobo.”

Blackburn was fighting through laughter as he worked in his apology:

“Sorry, that is a wild slip by me, I am so sorry. I am the biggest Bruins homer in the world. Oh man, I’m never going to live that one down. That clip is going to hit the internet and it’s going to be…I’ve got to recover here.”

Smartly, Blackburn decided to get out in front of everyone else and posted the video of his slip up himself:

That video alone was already bad enough, but guess what? That arguably wasn’t the worst of it.

Blackburn later decided to interact with some of the replies below the video, particular one from an account that responded by saying this:

Blackburn reposted (what you used to call a “quote tweet”) that reply, and without meaning anything by it, replied by saying:

I prefaced that last part with “not meaning anything by it” because, as it turns out, the person he sent that reply back to is wheelchair bound. Saying “I hope you’re sitting down” is obviously an insensitive thing to say to someone like that, but the guy had a good sense of humor about it all when he sent back a message to Blackburn:

So many cringe worthy moments…

Pete Blackburn, if you are out there and you’re reading this, just know that you can really only go up from here. And also remember the wise teachings of Homer Simpson, who once clarified that today isn’t the worst day of your life:

“It’s the worst day of your life so far.”

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