Swine On The Slopes: Snowboarders Gets Attacked By Wild Boar At Ski Resort

wild boar snowboard
YouTube/Unofficial Networks

Everyone knows to keep their head on a swivel out on the slopes, but typically it’s for inexperienced or out of control riders.

But visitors to Japan’s Myoko Ski Resort found out that it’s not just people you need to worry about.

A video captured by someone inside the lodge shows a large wild boar flat out ramming some snowboarders who reached the bottom of the hill. I mean, this guy came flying out of seemingly nowhere and had a serious issue with at least two people, knocking one completely over and sending another’s snowboard flying.

Wild boar are native to Japan and have long roamed the country’s mountainous regions, but conservation efforts were needed to stabilize a fast shrinking population in the 1960’s due to increased hunting.

The animal is very respected, and even feared, in Japanese culture for its courage, with some expressions for “recklessness” referencing the animal, according to Animalia.

The boar is also the final animal of the oriental zodiac, with people born in that year said to embody its traits of determination and impetuosity.

Unfortunately, the aggression of this animal was taken out on these innocent riders who were just trying to enjoy their day.

The comments from others in the lodge summed it up perfectly.

“Oh sh*t. Oh, oh, oh, oh… Oh sh*t, sh*t, sh*t”

It looks like no one was seriously hurt, but man, can you imagine trying to tell someone about this without video proof? At least they have a great story to tell now.

Gotta keep those eyes peeled…

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