Miranda Lambert And Her Crew Have Communion Before Every Show… With Tequila Shots

Miranda Lambert country music

A girl after my own heart.

Miranda Lambert sat down for an extensive interview with Tamron Hall on her daytime show this week, where she talked about turning 40, the place she’s at in her career, and everything she has accomplished over 20 years in the country music business.

Tamron also asked her specifically about her currently ongoing Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas Residency, where Miranda says she’s gotten into gambling a little bit:

“I play penny slots all night…I just sit there because you can drink for free and spend ten dollars… I won a little bit. I don’t know [the number of winnings], I don’t even do max bet.

I don’t play to win. I told everybody, I gambled with my career and I won, so that’s good enough.”

And apparently Miranda’s husband Brendan enjoys it now too (only when he wins, though, obviously):

“Oh yeah. He usually comes in right before, he’ll come down to work with me and then he’ll go out and either — he helps a lot with guests and like all the stuff.

He helps with the social part of this because we have a ton of guests and he’ll come in right before I go on stage and he’ll either say ‘I won!’ and tell us how much or he won’t say anything and that’s how we know [he lost].”

But like many of us who work in the creative space, albeit on a much smaller scale than what Miranda’s doing, she’s had some drunken nights where she thinks she’s come up with a great song idea, and checks her notes the next morning to wonder what the hell she was thinking (and I relate to that deeply):

“I have so many song titles in my phone and it’s funny because some of them, it depends on what I was doing, what time of night I wrote it down and I’m like why did I think that was good? What was I drinking? Because this isn’t very good.”

But my abolsute favorite part of the entire feature came when Miranda spilled about her pre-show ritual. She noted that her and the crew all take tequila shots before they go on stage, but it’s not as standard and basic as that.

They have them placed on a communion tray, so they call it “communion,” even though she says they probably shouldn’t because they’re certainly not using grape juice and bread…

“We do them [tequila shots] before the show. We call it communion, I know we’re not supposed to. Because we actually take them off a communion tray.”

Amazing. My queen does not miss:

“Hey, I grew up in church and we are in Sin City!”

It’s hard to argue there, and actually, that sounds like a damn country song… might be Miranda’s next #1 hit, if you ask me. I’m so here for this pre-show ritual, and it’s actually the best one I’ve ever heard of.

You can watch that clip here, and I’d highly recommend it:

Turn it UP…

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