Miranda Lambert On Getting Older And Embracing Turning 40: “I Can Be A Little More Free”

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Miranda Lambert is embracing this next decade of life.

The country superstar turned 40 in November, and she’s certainly in the prime of her career in terms of the opportunities and recognition she’s acquired over here 20 years in the business.

Miranda is currently in the thick of her Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas Residency, has her own clothing brand Idyllwind, is the most decorated artist in ACM awards history with 37 wins, just to name a few notable things off the top of my head.

But of course, for many women, hitting that 40-year mark can be kind of devastating for a multitude of different reasons… I mean, I think getting older can be hard for anyone to accept (and is relative obviously), and there’s just something about that number that can be kinda scary.

In an extensive interview with Tamron Hall on her daytime show this week, Miranda explained that she was actually “excited” to turn and be 40.

She says she’s already accomplished so many of her life and career goals that she feels like she can be “a little more free” with her decisions and whatever future opportunities come her way:

“I feel excited. Everyone that is 40 or above has told me it’s the best decade. So I guess I’m just more open now to whatever’s supposed to come my way.

Just sort of a little more aware and less like tunnel vision, because luckily I’ve worked hard enough to get to where I have reached a lot of my goals, so now I can be a little more free.”

I think it’s a great perspective and advice, even, for women no matter what age they are.

I also love to see Miranda embracing this next chapter, and it sounds like she’s got a clear vision and even more focused ideas for what she wants next. That’s definitely the kind woman I admire…

You can watch that clip here:

Miranda also left her longtime label Sony last year, and has signed on as part of Big Loud Texas.

She has hinted that she has more new music coming sometime this year, and I can’t wait for an official album announcement whenever she’s ready to share.

And hey, at 40, the girl still knows how to have a good time and act up every now and then…

“Actin’ Up”

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