Buffalo Bills Fans Make The Most Of Snow-Filled Stadium, Toss Snow In The Air To Celebrate Bills TD

Buffalo Bills fans

If you’re going to be sitting in feet of snow, you might as well have fun with it.

The Wild Card game of the Buffalo Bills versus the Pittsburgh Steelers has officially kicked off in Highmark Stadium, and although the forecast includes snow, snow, and more snow, it’s not getting to the hardcore Bills fans.

After many fans of both teams had to MacGyver their way to their seats or basically create their own in the snow-banked stands, they are making the most of the powder-filled stadium.

As their team took the early lead in the game, Bills fans took fist fulls of snow and started throwing it in the air, making it snow (again) in celebration.

The stadium looks ELECTRIC as white power is tossed into the air, creating a smokey effect among the crowd.

“The snow is flying in Buffalo!”

As I write this, the Bills just scored another TD, and once again, snow fills the air from the fans. Talk about being resourceful.

As someone who hates the cold and has no skin in this playoff season, I will say if I had to sit in the cold for a game, a snow-filled stadium sounds much more fun than the Chiefs stadium, which had water and beer freezing instantly.

Waist High Snow In The Stands

What a scene it is in Buffalo right now.

The Buffalo Bills were supposed to square off against the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1 pm yesterday, but due to absurd amounts of snow and unsafe travel conditions for fans, it was ultimately pushed back to 4:30 today so that the Bills could keep their home-field advantage.

A number of fans showed up to Highmark Stadium yesterday to help with the snow shoveling efforts to get the stadium ready for today, like this shirtless psycho member of Bills Mafia who looked like he was having the time of his life.

But, unfortunately we can’t control mother nature, and more snow basically took away any effort the staff and fans put together yesterday.

Although the field looks like it’s good to go, where in the hell are the fans gonna sit? Judging from this picture alone, it looks like every row is completely filled with snow.

Nevertheless, the game is a go, as fans are starting to make their way into the stadium as we speak.

And just to put things into perspective, look at this family of Steelers fans trying to make their way to their seats:

I mean SHEESH. The snow is literally up to the dad’s waist as he’s using every bit of energy he has to clear the way for his family.

How bad would it suck if the dad realized he’s in the wrong section, and had to do it all over again?

I guess this is just one of the sacrifices you make when you get tickets to your team’s playoff game.

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A beer bottle on a dock