Koe Wetzel Bags Massive Mountain Lion On Colorado Hunting Trip

Koe Wetzel mountain lion
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When Koe Wetzel isn’t crafting his version of modern day outlaw country music, he’s out in the country hunting down trophy animals.

The “That’s Why We Fight” singer has been relatively busy as of late. Back at the end of last year, he tapped into his “Santa Koe” side and released “Wetzel’s Wonderland,” and he also found some time to crash one of Parker McCollum’s Las Vegas shows.

In the New Year, Koe announced that he would be playing at the 2024 Hangout Festival (with Zach Bryan headlining), and has now also let it be known that he is a certified big cat killer. And when I say “big cat,” I really mean BIG.

Koe posted to his Instagram to show off his trophy animal, which was a mountain lion in Colorado that stood just about as tall as Wetzel himself. In the snowy wilderness of Colorado landscape, Koe (along with some help) hunted down and bagged a massive big cat.

The rockin’ country music artist shared the photo of himself holding up and showing off his kill with the caption:

“Last week I bought a one way ticket to Colorado to check off a bucket list hunt of mine. This trip had a lot of ups and downs but it was all worth it in the end. I can’t thank Hunt Nest and Clay Hill enough for making it all happen and putting me on this once in a lifetime mountain cat!”

Yeah, that’s one of the biggest mountain lions I’ve ever seen.

Shoutout to Koe for the successful hunt, and here’s to hoping the hunting trip somehow inspires a Colorado/mountain lion hunting themed song. If anyone could pull it off, it’d be Koe…

And in case you wanted a little bit more insight into how the whole thing went down, Wetzel’s photographer posted some additional photos of the breathtaking Colorado big cat hunt:

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