Parker McCollum Brings Out Koe Wetzel For Surprise Duet Of “Love” During Las Vegas Show

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A helluva surprise for fans at Parker McCollum’s show in Las Vegas.

He headlined a concert at The Cosmopolitan this past Friday night, while his friend and fellow Texan Koe Wetzel was in town to play at the Brooklyn Bowl.

And since it worked out that they were both in Sin City at the same time, Parker surprised fans at his show by bringing Koe out to duet their song “Love,” which was first included on Koe’s 2016 Noise Complaint album and quickly became a fan-favorite.

Koe will typically play the deep cut at his live shows, Parker not so much, and it’s really hard to find much video of them actually singing the duet together in one place.

There is one video from back in 2018, where Koe did let the crowd in on a little bit of the inspiration behind the deep and brooding tune, saying:

“Me and Parker wrote this song about a stripper from San Angelo, Texas.”

There ya have it, folks. It really is that simple…

Anywho, Parker introduced Koe to crowd this weekend by saying he wanted to do “something a little special” since they were playing in Sin City, adding that he actually hasn’t played “Love” in four years:

“When you’re in Vegas, you gotta do something a little special, don’t y’all think? I have not sang this song in four years.

So we’re gonna sing this song right here, and I’m gonna bring out my good buddy Mr. Koe Wetzel.”

Of course, the crowd went wild when Koe came out, and I would say this alone made the price of admission worth it:

@shelbieehlers And at this moment, i almost died 😍😍😍 #parkermccollum #parkermccollumconcert #koewetzel #daddykoe #vegas #cosmopolitanlasvegas ♬ original sound – Shelbie Ehlers

They both sounded great, and you can watch some of the performance in the videos below:

@boog18273728927 #parkermccollum #koewetzel #vegas ♬ original sound – boog18273728927

@jgro1 Parker and Koe 😍 im deceased @parkermccollum #koewetzel #love #lasvegas #countrymusic #pitttickets #cosmopolitanlasvegas #hottestmanalive #parkermccollum #parkermccollumtiktok #koewetzelmusic ♬ original sound – Jenn

@ccpablo21 Parker McCollum and Koe Wetzel at the Chelsea tonight singing Love! #parkermccollum #koewetzel #lasvegas #love #nfr #fyp @parkermccollum @Koe Wetzel ♬ original sound – Crystal

It’s one of my favorite Koe songs, and hearing them sing it live together just hits different… if you’ve never gone this far back into his catalog before, do yourself a favor and check out the studio cut here:


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