Wildlife Photographer Captures Incredible Video Of Bison Shedding A Tear

Bison sheds tear

Bison are people too…

Ok, not really, but I always find it kind of comical when people say that, especially about their pets. Your dog has emotions, feelings and a personality, but he’s not a person. Your pup is probably even better than most humans… still not a person.

Nevertheless, when we see animals displaying emotions similar to people, it makes us laugh, makes us wonder, gives us a sense of connection to the lower species.

Of course, many mammals, both human and otherwise, utilize tears as an eye lubrication system. Rabbits, goats and sea mammals such as whales and dolphins lack tear ducts, but for the rest of us, tears are a critical feature if maintaining proper eye function. In direct winds, especially cold ones, eyes dry out quickly and forces your eyes to tear up to relubricate.

However, people also shed tears to express various emotions such as sadness, anger, grief, awe, and even happiness. It’s unclear if animals can do this as well, however no science has been able to prove one way or the other.

This bison was captured in Utah shedding a tear in an amazing video from wildlife photographer Chris Henry. And while this fellas is mostly likely just trying to keep his eyes moist in the cold, you can’t help but feel like he just might be getting into his feels.

Talk about a stunning shot:

A number of commenters provided potential reasons for the melancholy mood of the bison, and they were nothing short of hilarious:

“Bros seen some sh*t in his life. Reflecting.”

“Even the animals feeling inflation.”

“Homie needs a hug.”

“Poor mans family got eaten up.”

“Ponder why it shed a tear… cause his son went to college.”

If you love wildlife, and more specifically great wildlife photography, check out Chris Henry’s page… it’s incredible.

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