The Red Clay Strays Post Cryptic Image Of The Ryman Auditorium – Does This Mean What We Think It Means?

Red Clay Strays country music
Macie Bowden

Are the  Red Clay Strays about to announce something big?

The Mobile, Alabama group just took to Instagram to share an image of the front of The Mother Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Ryman Auditorium, also the original Grand Ole Opry House, is a famed music venue among musicians. With the stained glass windows, wooden church pew seating, and outstanding acoustics, some might argue that playing a show there is up there with being asked to play Grand Ole Opry.

While there is no caption on the Instagram post, the cryptic undertone is that some news involving the hallowed venue will soon be revealed. Charles Wesley Godwin posted something similar prior to his Ryman headlining announcement, and I have a gut feeling that something similar could be in the works from the Red Clay Strays.

Fans in the comment section quickly fired off messages congratulating the group, thinking on the same page as us that they were about to take the stage.

“Well deserved.”


“Take me to church.”

“Ahhhh sh*t!”

“Does this mean what I think it means?”

“Dawg said let me post a picture of a church and watch people in the comments go ape sh*t.”

2023 was a breakout year for the group, with their single “Wondering Why” topping charts on Apple Music, and they have consistently been selling out shows. With the electric stage presence, they capture new fans almost instantaneously.

Congratulations are in order if this post means what we think it means. We can’t wait to see what the official announcement holds.

Red Clay Strays Announce New Album Is In The Works, Collaborating With Legendary Producer Dave Cobb

New music from one of the hottest groups in Alabama is on the way.

Fresh off the press, the  Red Clay Strays shared they have been spending time in the studio working on a new album produced by heavy hitter Dave Cobb.

“Well ladies and gents, the cats out of the bag. We’ve been in the studio working on the next album! While we’ve been telling people at shows lately we just got out of the studio, we’ve kept a pretty good secret: Dave Cobb is producing it.

Dave is a multi Grammy-winning producer who’s made albums for practically all of our music heroes. Getting to work with him has always been a dream of ours. You all have been telling us to drop these new tunes, and it’s still gonna be a little while. Making and promoting a record takes time, and we really appreciate y’all’s patience.

So, if you want to hear these new tunes, you’ll have to catch them live, and ain’t that the best place to be anyway?

Also, we’re so excited to share that we’re working independently with the mighty Thirty Tigers to push this record the right way! All in all the future looks bright and we can’t thank you amazing people enough. We love you all.”

The group has a unique and captivating sound, and they put on one hell of a live show. With the recent appearance on Western AF’s live series “Live AF,” their incredible live performances make Red Clay Strays an up-and-coming standout.

If you still have not hopped on the bandwagon, now’s the time to cozy up to their tracks.

“Stones Throw”

“Good Godly Woman”

“Wondering Why”

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