Patriots Make The Bold Choice Of Hiring Jerod Mayo As Bill Belichick’s Successor Without Interviewing Anyone Else

Patriots Mayo
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Even if it was Mike Vrabel instead, the New England Patriots’ succession plan for Bill Belichick sounded like more of the same. Friday’s news confirmed that, as the Pats turned to their former linebacker and assistant coach Jerod Mayo to take the reins from the greatest coach of all-time.

As NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported, Belichick’s contract had specific language in it that stated Mayo would be the next in line once he left.

RapSheet also reported that the Patriots will move ASAP to hire a new GM and give the organization a “total facelift” — only to tweet out a bunch of dudes with preexisting links to New England.

I just feel like if the Patriots wanted to move on from Belichick in earnest, they wouldn’t have let him literally make their next head coaching hire. Like, really? Without interviewing anyone else? What kind of strategy is that?

Forgive me if I’m questioning Belichick’s ability to assess coaches. Jerod Mayo can’t possibly be worse than the likes of Joe Judge or Matt Patricia, but forgive me if I’m a little skeptical about The Hoodie’s taste in coaches after several disastrous hires to his staff over the years. I would say Josh McDaniels’ many years as New England’s offensive coordinator redeem all of those misfires. Alas, I can’t say that, because McDaniels was such a catastrophe as a head coach twice and bailed on the Colts’ job at the last minute once upon a time.

At least Mayo has something more of a charismatic public persona going for him?

This is nothing against Mayo or what he brings to the table on his own merits. It’s just that the Patriots are counting on him to literally be the next DeMeco Ryans, an-ex stud linebacker who takes over the team he was originally drafted to as a defensive-minded guy in a modern NFL dominated by offense. Ryans has been excellent in leading Houston to the AFC South title as a rookie coach, yet so much of that is thanks to the blind luck of landing the No. 2 overall pick and drafting CJ Stroud with it.

If Mayo is going to have success, New England better find a quarterback very soon. Otherwise, competing in the AFC East division — where Belichick made his hay by lapping the competition every year — will prove to be difficult. Going against the formidable tandem of Mike McDaniel and Tua Tagovailoa in Miami is a tall task, as is trying to contain Bills superstar QB Josh Allen. Oh and then, Aaron Rodgers — who is older than Mayo! — will be under center for the Jets in 2024.

Armed with the third overall pick in the upcoming draft, Mayo and whomever the new GM is need to get on the same page, or figure out a suitable trade. Given their insular coaching succession plan, I would not be the least bit surprised if the Patriots deployed the typical Belichick draft tactic of trading down. Either pray that a QB falls to you at a later pick, or trade for somebody like the Bengals’ Jake Browning after he signs his exclusive rights free agent tender.

This was one of the most interesting coaching vacancies in the history of sports for about 24 hours. New England took all the suspense out of it. Ironic that Belichick’s infamous resignation from the Jets stemmed from such a similar scenario, wherein Bill Parcells’ sudden retirement triggered Belichick to be his successor. I guess Mayo was eager to take on the job in Foxborough.

I feel like such a thorough, prepared football operation like the Patriots didn’t do their full due diligence here. Time will tell. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% cynical about this move, but maybe, like, 73%?

Saw this clip making the rounds. YEAH. WHY NOT. Bring in another former Patriot to be the defensive coordinator.

I’ve just seen so many Patriots spin-off regimes try to build something elsewhere, and it ends in disaster almost without fail.

Kind of amazing that Belichick drafted three eventual NFL head coaches during his time with the Pats. First, it was Kliff Kingsbury in Arizona. Now, there’s Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell, and Mayo is taking the GOAT’s place.

IDK. I’m skeptical and it has nothing to do with Jerod Mayo himself. Hope I’m wrong, because it’d be kind of awesome to see the rise of another empire in New England to be the villain of the NFL. You can’t expect to reach the heights of the Belichick-Tom Brady era that produced six Super Bowls. Robert Kraft has tabbed Mayo as a future head coach for a while, though.

We’ll see if his instincts and those of Belichick’s are right this time.

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