Tyreek Hill Says His Florida Mansion Is “Done” After Fire Causes Over $2 Million In Damage

Tyreek Hill

NFL fans were glued to their televisions and social media feeds when it was announced that Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s home was up in flames last week.

Black smoke was billowing out of the top of the Miami mansion, and it took South Beach firefighters just under an hour to put the fire out. It was clear just from the video of the fire being fought that the $7 million dollar home was going to suffer massive amounts of damage.

After investigation, the cause of the fire that overtook much of the upstairs portion of the house was discovered, and the Davie Fire Rescue put out this statement:

“The investigation identified that the fire was an accidental and was caused by a child playing with a lighter within a bedroom where the fire started.”

It is believed that two children were playing with toys in an upstairs room, and one of them somehow got their hands on a lighter. Reports say that one of the children accidentally lit the toy on fire, and when both kids got scared of the flames, they threw the toy and ran away.

The house fire ultimately caused an estimated $2.3 million dollars in damage, but thankfully, no was injured during the scary incident. Tyreek Hill was actually at a Miami Dolphins practice when it happened, and rushed back to his home once he learned of the fire.

Weirdly enough, HBO’s in-season version of Hard Knocks has been following the Dolphins for the past couple of months, and they captured a lot of the content surrounding the house fire situation. In the most recent episode, Hill was heard speaking about the fire to his wide receivers coach (Wes Welker) and his wide receiver teammates at a meeting, saying:

“It’s done. The house done, bro. Smoke damage, fire damage. The whole upstairs is burnt down. It’s alright though.”

It was also mentioned earlier in the Hard Knocks episode that Hill and his family were unable to sleep at their home because of the extensive fire damage.

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