Former Patriot Chandler Jones Pens Weird Bill Belichick Song To The Tune Of “Tennessee Whiskey”

Chandler Jones Bill Belichick
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Man, Chandler Jones is one strange fellow, but respect for his backing track of choice.

At this point it’s no secret that Chandler Jones is going through some hard times.

The former defensive end for the Patriots, Raiders, and Cardinals has remained a topic of choice for sports media over the past year despite not playing since the end of the 2022 season, but unfortunately most of the coverage circles around a growing concern for his mental health.

Jones frequently posts strange rants on social media, including one where he seemed to imply that Josh McDaniels had something to do with Aaron Hernandez’s suicide while he was in prison for murder.

Well, after hearing the news of Bill Belichick parting ways with the New England Patriots, Chandler decided to break out the pen and paper, dust off the microphone, and write an ode to his former head coach sung to the tune of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”.

As you may guess, the lyrics are pretty wild and he said a few times that it should have been Mr. Kraft that got fired instead of Belichick and also blamed Tom Brady for Deflategate and Spygate.

While the video starts with him repeating “Oh Bill Belichick” about 50 times to get the volume right, I pulled some select lyrics from the rest of it, because there’s quite a bit of repeating…

“Oh Bill Belichick
How I miss you 
I just wanna kiss you
Oh Bill Belichick

Oh Bill Belichick
They just got rid of you
Oh Bill Belichick
Won’t we make some stew

Oh Bill Belichick
Oh Bill Belichick
You didn’t flatten that ball
It was Tom Brady

You didn’t Spygate
You didn’t Deflategate
Bill Belichick
He’s innocent

Got seven Super Bowls
He got seven Super Bowls
They called it a dynasty
He got seven Super Bowls

Oh Bill Belichick
Oh Bill Belichick
He made me the man I am
He made me the man I am”

I hope I never have to type Belichick again…

As always, I really do hope Chandler is able to get some help. He was a dominant player, but regardless of his on field talent, you never want to see a person struggle with their mental health.

Maybe this is just who he is and there’s no problem, in which case go for it man and do your thing, but if there is something wrong, I hope his friends and family step in soon.

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