Chandler Jones Says Head Coach Josh McDaniels Was Involved With Aaron Hernandez’s Death In Wild Live Video

Chandler Jones
Chandler Jones

NFL fans have known that something was happening with star defensive end Chandler Jones for some time now, but a recently deleted video he posted live on X makes his entire saga much more confusing.

The longtime NFL vet hasn’t partaken in any team activities with the Raiders this season and said the team locked him out of their facilities and forced him to work out at a local gym. He began and continues to make all sorts of wild statements on social media, but when reporters asked Josh McDaniels, the Raiders Head Coach, about the posts, he just said he was dealing with a personal situation and it was a private matter.

Welp, it doesn’t seem like things have gotten any better because just this morning Jones posted a live video to X in which he seems to make some really serious accusations against McDaniels involving Aaron Hernandez.

Of course, Aaron Hernandez is the former superstar tight end for the Florida Gators and New England Patriots who was convicted on charges of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was also charged with a double-homicide, but was acquitted after a 2017 trial.

Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell just days after the double-homicide trial ended. It was ruled a suicide.

Josh McDaniels was the Offensive Coordinator of the Patriots throughout Hernandez’ tenure with the team.

In the video Jones posted to X, which was 25 minutes long, he rambled on about all sorts of things, but it got dark very fast right at the end.

Below is what he said in the lead up to a very strange moment involving McDaniels and Hernandez.

“Imagine if President Obama somehow could body jump? Imagine if somehow President Obama could body jump into my body. Or Aaron Hernandez.

*Gasps* Oh y’all don’t know what Josh McDaniels really did to Aaron Hernandez? Wait they don’t know what happened with Aaron Hernandez and Josh McDaniels…

I’ll go on a podcast about that. If y’all don’t know what really happened with Aaron Hernandez… Y’all thought Aaron Hernandez killed himself in jail? Y’all though Chico killed himself in jail? Y’all though my n*** killed himself in jail?” 

At that point Chandler breaks down in tears and ends the video.

I mean, it really does seem like Chandler is going through something awful whatever that may be but seemingly tying Josh McDaniels to Aaron Hernandez’s death. That is a wild accusation.

He also posted this a little while after:

“Josh McDaniels had my twin Aaron Hernandez killed at industrial park, not in jail.. see my IG for details.”

Instagram didn’t provide the details…

Early in the video he began talking about civil war, Antonio Brown, Kanye West, and that he was “on a whole nother dimension” than everyone else, so either Jones has reached some truth that we can’t understand or the man needs some help.

He doesn’t seem to want that help though, as you can see in his now deleted response to RGIII’s tweet, although he later said he’d have a sit down with Antonio Brown on a “CTE Podcast”.

Regardless of what this all means, I seriously hope the best for Chandler and his family. Who knows what the true cause of all of this is and I hope everything gets straightened out and everyone can go about their lives however they wish.

Never a boring moment out on these streets…

Chandler deleted his original live stream just moments ago, but below is the part of the video in question.

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