Passenger Sh*ts Themselves On A Plane, Smears It On The Seat “Like Peanut Butter”

Delta Airlines
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As if flying weren’t already sh*tty enough.

I’m not sure what it is about flying that causes people to lose control of their bowels, but there’s not enough money in the world to get me to poop on an airplane. I will sit there and suffer until we land and then run off the jetway like a fat, white, slow Usain Bolt to get to the bathroom before I’m using that airplane lavatory.

And apparently some people who also refuse to use the lavatory don’t even try to hold it and just let the chips…or in this case, the sh*t…fall where it may.

If you remember back to last year, there was a man who unfortunately went viral after pooping his pants during a Delta flight, forcing the plane turn around after the passenger had “diarrhea all throughout the airplane.”

And according to a post on Reddit, which was reported by the New York Post, another poor passenger on a recent flight had the same problem when he sh*t himself mid-air – and then just sat in it for the rest of the flight.

The original poster claims that when she first smelled that something was amiss, she initially blamed it on her 8-year old daughter:

“About 20 minutes into flight I get a terrible smell and ask my daughter if she has pooted…

She denies any wrongdoing and the smell lingers for the rest of the flight. Upon exiting the plane, 8 rows in front of me someone had sh*t all in their seat, the bottom of the seat and the back was covered.”

Ok, I have questions.

I’m not saying this post isn’t real, but did this guy not have a seatmate? And if he did, did they just sit there beside the sh*t seat the entire time and not say anything? I get not wanting to bother the flight attendants, but I feel like when the guy beside you has literally shat themselves, that’s a good time to press that call button.

And speaking of those flight attendants…did they not even attempt to investigate the source of the smell? Did they just assume someone had absolutely blown up the lavatory and didn’t even want to bother with checking it out?

Or maybe they just didn’t want to have to bother with turning around, returning to the airport, deplaning, cleaning the entire plane, all the general hassle that comes when somebody craps themselves on a flight. Maybe they just decided to make the sacrifice and deal with it when they landed.

But anyway, it gets worse:

“This person had set in their sh*t for a good hour and then departed into Atlanta airport covered in sh*t.”

Brutal. Imagine that walk through the airport.

The passenger elaborated on the scene in the comments of their post:

“It went all the way up their back, it was over half way up the seat. 5am flight, must have had too much coffee. They sat there for a good 45 minutes until we deplaned.”

And to top it all off, another person claimed to be on the same plane to witness the mess:

“Upon deplaning, saw sh*t on the seat spread out like peanut butter as you mentioned, YUCK!!!!!! Saw the person scampering towards the restrooms.”

Oh, and this all happened on a Delta flight – the same airline that had to turn back last year after the diarrhea incident.

What are they putting in the coffee over there on Delta airlines?

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