Brittany Aldean Says She And Her Husband Jason Are Stopped On The Street More For Their Politics Than For Jason’s Music

Brittany Jason Aldean
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Brittany and Jason Aldean aren’t afraid to speak out when it comes to their political opinions.

The country singer and his wife are outspoken supporters of former President Donald Trump, and have even joined Trump at his Mar-a-Lago home on numerous occasions.

And they’ve certainly drawn their fair share of criticism for their beliefs, including from fellow artists like Maren Morris, who had a public feud with Brittany Aldean after Maren accused the influencer of attacking transgender people in comments that she made on Instagram.

Then of course there was the controversy over Aldean’s song “Try That In A Small Town,” which many on the left accused of being “racist” over the music video featuring scenes of rioting, as well as shots of the Maury County Courthouse in Aldean’s hometown of Columbia, Tennessee that was the site of a 1927 lynching.

But despite their critics, the Aldeans continue to be open about their political beliefs, with Brittany even launching a conservative-inspired clothing line alongside Jason’s sister, Kasi.

And according to Brittany, speaking out on politics hasn’t come at a cost in their personal lives. In fact, she says that at this point, it’s the reason most people stop them on the streets.

During an interview with Beach Happy Magazine, Brittany spoke about adjusting to life in the spotlight after being a bartender in Las Vegas:

“All of a sudden, I was dating and marrying a superstar. And I had never been around anything like that.

I wasn’t used to people videoing every move you make or taking photos of you when you’re out, just not being able to have anything private anymore.”

And she admits that it took some getting used to:

“Honestly, it was the most difficult transition of my life. What got me through was that I adored this man.”

But now, Brittany says that it’s their politics – not Jason’s music – that most people want to talk about when they see the couple out and about:

“More often than not now, people stop us on the street not about Jason’s music, but more so for our political stance.”

It’s that outspokenness that has helped Brittany gain a massive following on social media – and apparently her audience is standing behind what she has to say.


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