In Honor Of Mike Vrabel, Let’s Listen To A Country Song Inspired By One Of His Best Quotes

Guy playing the piano
The Rich Eisen Show

And just like that, the Mike Vrabel era in Nashville, Tennessee comes to a close.

The Tennessee Titans announced today that they were firing head coach Mike Vrabel after 6 up and down years with the team. Vrabel started off hot with 4 straight winning seasons and two playoff wins in three appearances, but the last two years have been rough, finishing multiple games under .500 in 2022 and and 2023.

While there were many memorable moments on the field for the Titans with Vrabel was at the helm, he’ll certainly be best remembered for his unique commentary provided to the media, some of which will get you ready to run through a brick wall and some that will leave you scratching your head and wondering why, like when he said he’d cut his man parts off to win a Super Bowl.

Not all his quotes were as insane as that one though and it was easy to rally behind a guy with so much passion after listening to some of his tirades, but one fan went further than just supporting the guy and wrote a whole song based on a killer quote that Vrabel spat out during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show last year.

The guys were discussing just how difficult it was to succeed in the AFC given the number of truly outstanding quarterbacks in the conference and Vrabel laid down a classic Vrabel line to sum it all up.

“Take your heart pills and buckle up.”

Makes you wanna say “Hell yeah”.

Rich went on to say that it sounds like that could be a line from a country song and lo and behold, a fan of the program actually wrote one, and I have to say it’s not bad at all…

From killer piano riffs to name dropping just a few of the great young QB’s the Titans had to compete with, “Piano Man” Steve Lungrin really went for it with this one and my goodness do I love it. Sure beats the heck out of some of those weird pregame songs networks try to push from time to time…

Big shoutout to Steve Lungrin and well wishes for Mike Vrabel as he looks to land another head coaching job. My bet would be the New England Patriots, but hey, you never really know what’s going to happen with that team until it happens, and as a Steelers fan, I sure wouldn’t mind the Pats stinking for a few more years…

Here’s the original video posted by Steve.

And here’s the clip of Rich Eisen talking about it on the show.

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