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Titans Coach Mike Vrabel is Two Wins Away Cutting His Own D*ck Off

Mike Vrabel is probably pretty nervous right about now.

And it’s not because his Titans beat the shit out of the Ravens last night and are now a win away from the Super Bowl. It’s because of what Vrabel said he would do to win it all.

Back in July, Vrabel appeared on Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan’s Bussin’ with the Boys podcast where Lewan asked Vrabel the important question that literally nobody else was asking: Would you cut off your dick to win a Super Bowl?

And Vrabel said yes.

Lewan: “Would you cut your dick off for a Super Bowl?”
Vrabel: “Been married 20 years. Yeah, probably.”
Lewan: “You’ve got three [Super Bowl wins].”
Vrabel: “As a player. You guys will be married for 20 years one day. You won’t need it.”

Vrabel joked that his wife, Jen, would probably even offer to help…and she did.

Well the Vrabels might be rethinking this threat to Mike’s manhood now that he’s only two wins away from having to chop off the ol’ mini Mike. But Taylor Lewan’s not letting his coach off the hook, telling him after last night’s win that his piece is coming off.

Mike Vrabel has been the absolute best fucking thing to happen to the Titans in a long time. Dude is coaching his ass off on the field, and he’s been absolute gold off the field. Whether he’s promising to cut his dick off to win a Super Bowl or cussing at players from the sideline, Vrabel and the Titans are must-watch TV right now.

Now obviously I know that Mike Vrabel isn’t really going to cut his dick off if he wins the Super Bowl. But if he does manage bring the Lombardi Trophy back to Nashville, he probably better watch out – because Taylor Lewan is coming for that piece.

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