No One Is More Ready For The Michigan Wolverines To Take On The Washington Huskies Than Jim Harbaugh’s Daughter Grace

Grace Harbaugh
Instagram/Grace Harbaugh

Who’s ready to lose money betting on watch the exciting culmination to the college football season tonight?

The Michigan Wolverines will take on the Washington Huskies tonight with the National Championship on the line. It’s moments like these that create stars, and if you are familiar with how social media works, that means that a person that’s not even on the field could become a star during the game.

What do I mean by that? Well, look no further than what happened this past weekend at the Cincinnati Bengals game. No one was talking about how the Bengals took the Cleveland Browns to the woodshed (even though the Browns were resting most of the their players), and everyone was talking about QB Jake Browning’s girlfriend.

So looking forward to the finale of the College Football Playoff, could there be another “star in the making?” Obviously there aren’t Vegas odds for things like this, but if there were, Jim Harbaugh’s daughter Grace might be the odds 0n favorite.

Harbaugh’s family has been all over the internet as his Michigan Wolverines team has dominated (and cheated) their way to a chance for a national title. In the CFP semifinal games, Harbaugh’s father went viral because people on the internet though it was just Jim Harbaugh in old person makeup.

And now the eyes are turning towards his daughter Grace Harbaugh, who just so happens to play water polo at the University of Michigan. She’s been active on TikTok as she travels with her father and attends all of Michigan’s exciting games.

Here she was celebrating the moment that the Wolverines officially punched their ticket to the championship game:

@graceharbaugh another day, another victory for the OG 💙🤝🏼 #umichfootball#bigten#indy ♬ Fortnite OG sigma bussin – Zharlesc on ig

Remember when I asked if you were ready to watch the national championship game? It really doesn’t matter how you answered, because there is no one on planet Earth that is more excited about the Michigan-Washington matchup than Grace Harbaugh:

@graceharbaugh one more sleep until the natty 🤞🏼 except i probably wont be able to sleep 🙃 #umichfootball#natty#cfb#cfbnationalchampionship ♬ You Broke My Heart – Drake

Definitely looks like you get some perks being the daughter of the current Michigan Wolverines head coach (and future NFL coach, probably for the Los Angeles Chargers).

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