Jake Browning’s Girlfriend Takes The NFL World By Storm In An Otherwise Meaningless Bengals-Browns Game

Jake Browning Stephanie Niles
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Look, I’m not often one for WAGs literature or fashion discourse, but all of us as a community of human beings need to give a standing ovation to the girlfriend of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning for her attire on Sunday.

With the Bengals out of the playoff picture — I’m still weeping over Joe Burrow’s injury — and the Browns locked into the AFC’s fifth seed, this Week 18 AFC North duel means absolutely nothing in terms of postseason stakes. Players fighting for contract incentives? Sure. Players auditioning for potential future suitors? Yes.

But the main takeaway from this divisional clash in Cincinnati will forever be Jake Browning’s girlfriend, Stephanie Niles.

We’re talking skin-tight custom swag with Browning’s No. 6. Is that a onesie? I don’t know. Not usually a fan of those. Can confirm the vast majority of America is a fan of this one.

Browning may have to borrow Burrow’s box suite seats for his significant other and family/friends, and he might not be the greatest quarterback or even a consistent starter in the NFL. Talk all the sh*t you want about him. Knowing Browning’s background, it likely goes in one ear and out the other. Plus, he has a most supportive girlfriend who can be a box office draw all on her own, even if the game her boo is playing in holds no significance whatsoever.

In related news: Browning might’ve been a little extra motivated to show off in the regular-season finale, no? He bounced back from an early interception to throw three TDs — so what if it’s the Browns’ backups? — and the Bengals are leading 31-0 through three quarters. Looks like a winning 9-8 record to close out the season. Not bad.

Hats off to the young lady. Here are some other angles and clips, along with a little bit of IG action below. How about the phantom handshake, though!?

Good on you, Jake. Good on you.

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