The Internet Is Convinced That Jim Harbaugh’s Dad Is Just Jim Harbaugh In Old Person Makeup

Jim Harbaugh Michigan

Did anyone else find themselves cheering for an underdog Alabama team and asking themselves “what have I become” at some point during the game?

Maybe that was just me, but regardless, we finally got some competitive and entertaining games in the College Football Playoff semifinals. Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Time came up just short against the Michigan Sign Stealers Wolverines in the first CFP game, and then those who stayed up late watched Washington stave off the Longhorns and win a nail biter against Texas.

After all of that excitement, people are now walking into work like zombies and going through the motions as all of us get back into the swing of things. But before we officially move on and into the New Year, there’s still something from yesterday that I personally think didn’t get enough attention.

There were many different storylines and headline-worthy moments from first day of 2024, with exciting college football games basically happening all day long. However, we absolutely have no choice but to look into the sorcery that is Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh’s father.

Harbaugh’s parents were interviewed following Michigan’s 27 to 20 win in overtime against Alabama, and though some of the things they said in the clip were interesting (their arrogant family motto, them superstitiously changing seats during the game), it was the appearance of Harbaugh’s dad Jack that absolutely floored the internet.

Take a look and see if you can figure out why (hint: Harbaugh and his father look like identical twins):

I know it’s not out of the ordinary for kids to look like their parents, but holy smokes, how is this possible?

Those on social media could barely wrap their heads around the idea that Jim Harbaugh and his dad Jack looked this much alike. In fact, some people online had some theories that actually explained the video above:

Just for reference, here’s a video of Jim Harbaugh being interviewed after the game wearing the exact same hat. I know it probably seems a little silly to be surprised that a son looks like his father, but I just can’t get over it:

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