Bear & Suburban Man Scare The Sh*t Out Of Each Other As They Meet Turning A Corner

grizzly bear scares man

Of all the things that could scare you as you come around a corner, running into a black bear has to be the most terrifying possibility.

This suburban resident (who is a certified American considering the Stars and Stripes hanging from the front of their house) was just sipping from a cup and walking on his front sidewalk when he had a wild run-in with one of nature’s fiercest apex predators.

I’m sure you all have heard the age old saying of “they’re more afraid of us than we are of them.” For the most part, that’s true, but in this video, the saying that would more accurately represent what happened would be “they’re just as scared, or equally scared, of us than we are of them.”

As the man walked around the corner with what is probably his favorite blue cup in his hand, he was stunned to see a black bear wandering right around the edge of the garage at the exact same time. The good news for him is that the bruin was just as shocked to see him, and the man and the wild animal went sprinting in opposite directions as fast as they could.

The man ran back into his home (and if it were a cartoon, he would have padlocked his door upwards of 20 different times, then boarded up his door with 2×4’s) as the bear dashed to the other side of the garage door. However, the black bear suddenly seemed to realize that it was, in fact, a big ol’ bear, and immediately turned back around and walked where it was planning to walk.

That might actually be the best part of the video, though the moment they both scared the sh*t out of each other is phenomenal in its own right. And I do have to ask…who was filming this? The neighbor across the street?

Now that I think about it, could this all have been a purposeful rouse from an across the street neighbor who didn’t like this guy in the video? Maybe they shot him a text and said “looks like there’s a kid drawing on your garage door with magic marker” when they knew a bear was in the vicinity, so the guy walked out with his blue cup to check things out.

If that was what actually went down here, that would be one of the more devious things to ever happen in the history of mankind. I’d say that the person was probably just recording the bear and had no idea the man was coming out of his home. Then again, there weren’t any warnings from the videographer…

Check it out:

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