Golfer Tries To Walk Out On Frozen Pond… Goes About As Well As You’d Think

Golfer falls through ice

You always want to try and limit your strokes while out on the golf course, but this golfer probably went a little too far trying to save par.

Props to these guys for braving the elements and playing some winter golf. In my opinion, the sport is best to play in the heat of the summer, when the sun is out and the greens are rolling fast. However, there are some people that love golf so much that they’ll get out in freezing temperatures to hit a little white ball into a hole that’s far away.

And because they were playing in freezing temperatures, the water hazards out on the course turned into ice hazards, which led to this hilarious video. The clip is currently going viral on social media, and shows a golfer testing out the thickness of the ice to get out to his ball that was resting on the frozen pond.

On a normal, warm day of golf, that ball would be sitting at the muddy bottom of the pond after an errant shot, but because they were playing a winter round, his yellow ball was sitting on top of the thin ice three or so yards into the frozen water.

So naturally, the golfer wanted to try and save a couple of shots and “play it as it lies,” instead of taking a drop outside of the water hazard. When the video starts, the man is already a couple of feet out onto the ice, and his very small steps result in the eerie sound of ice beginning to break.

His buddy tries to warn him and shouts:

“Oh no, it’s going to break. Back up, back up, back up.”

The golfer out on the ice decided that he hadn’t come that far to come that far, and disregarded his friend’s warning and continued to shuffle out towards his ball. Something tells me that you’ll be able to guess how the rest of the clip goes.

Check it out:

Yeah, what did that guy think was going to happen?

The worst part is that he’s soaked from head to toe in ice cold water, and he STILL lost his golf ball. He had it there for a moment, and tried to push it off towards the shore, but when he went to get up on the ice again, the ball fell down into it’s murky grave.

I guess the golfer thought his frozen pond shot was going to go like this iconic EA Sports advertisement where Tiger Woods walked on water and holed a shot from the water hazard:

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