Pair Of Golden Eagles Take Down A Wolf In Wild Vintage Video

Golden eagles take down a wolf
Dexter Compton

What a bird.

Any bird that is a predator is always cool to see in action. But, when that bird is taking out another very abled animal, it makes it all the more better.

Golden eagles are one of the largest and most powerful birds of prey in the world. These birds can have a wingspan over 7 feet wide and can weigh more than 15 pounds. Being birds of prey, much of their diet consists of small mammals like rabbits and rodents.

These birds use their good eyesight and speed to spot prey far off and attack from a distance with speed and power. They can get high up in the air and use their massive frame to reach speeds of 150 miles an hour soaring down.

Golden eagles are traditionally used for hunting in different parts of the world. These birds can be trained and tamed to a level where they abide by their owner to hunt down certain animals. Typically, animals hunted are rabbits, foxes and deer. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t take out other targets too.

This golden eagle is seen taking off of his owners leather glove. The eagle flies out and spots its target. It soars down in and hammers a wolf on the run. It takes the wild dog down quickly with very little fight.

Now, that’s just crazy it took out another predator with ease…

These birds are wild.

Golden Eagle Flies Off With Fox

A simple but awe inspiring video.

Golden eagles just might be the most badass bird on the planet. Even larger than bald eagles, they’re the largest bird of prey in North America and one of the biggest on the planet.

Earlier this spring, the state of Wyoming even recently approved plansto relocate a group of the birds that have been eating sheep on ranches.

Despite being voracious hunters, golden eagles are also fantastic parents.

Mother and father birds both take turns defending the nest, incubating the eggs, hunting for food, and feeding the chicks. Golden eagles also build some of the biggest nests in the bird world, often times 5-6 feet wide and 2 feet tall.

The largest golden eagle nest on record was an astonishing 20 feet tall and 8.5 feet wide.

The raw power and sheer size of the species is on full display.

The big bird just grabs that fox, holds onto it tight, and flies off into the mountain mist, most likely to go feed a big nest full of some baby eagles.

Nature, man… it’s WILD.

Bald Eagle Snatches Minnesota House Cat

Watch your pets people…

These airborne predators do not discriminate between animal species, domesticated or wild. All they care about is their next meal.

Sadly, our beloved pets, whether it be small dogs or cats, are generally insanely easy targets for them. The same way one of these flying dinosaurs will swoop down on a rabbits, prairie dogs, and even fish, eagles think nothing of digging their talons into Fluffy, the 2-pound rodent you keep in your purse (sorry, that’s not a dog).

There are many stories of this out there, whether its an owl getting a dog, finding leashes in a nest or in this case an eagle flying with a cat. Hell, in some parts of the world, golden eagles have been known to take a run at small children.

It happens… small pets just look tasty to them. That’s why you should be on guard when in an area with known predators. They are sneaky, they are fast, and by the time you see them, it’s too late.

This video shows how easy they can manhandle a common housecat.

A women is driving filming an eagle sitting in a park.

You know something is off about the situation because an eagle never just sits in a park like its relaxing. There has to be something else going on…

That something else is quickly revealed when the eagle starts flying away. As it takes off a house cat that was in a ball takes shape again so you can tell what the eagle is having for lunch.

It near ripped it into two pieces.

And at first glance you see the eagle, but you don’t really get a feel for its massive size until it flies away, flexing that massive wingspan.

I hate to say it, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a little bit of karma. Outdoor house cats are the biggest killer of song birds in North America and this ones time comes to an end from another bird… seems slightly fitting.

The video comes to us from a fella up in Two Harbors, Minnesota:

“My dog, Keisha and I were driving around taking pictures of wildlife when I saw this Eagle sitting on the ground. He was arguing with two black birds. I decided to take a picture of him. This would be the first picture of an Eagle that I take.

As I started driving closer to him he wasn’t moving. So I decided to take a video of him. I thought him taking off in flight would make a great video. I was shocked. Did not see that coming.

My dog and I just sat there like, what did we just see?”

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