Dog Ate $4,000 In Cash & Forced Owners To Dig Through Its Poop To Piece It Back Together

dog eats money
Carrie & Clayton Law

Sometimes being a pet owner is the most rewarding practice of responsibility in the world, and other times it’s just downright headache-inducing (both literally and figuratively).

If you asked this Pittsburgh couple, they’d certainly say that they love their golden doodle Cecil, but they just would have preferred for him not go to sniffing around in their kitchen.

It was there where the dog found an envelope filled with $4,000 in cash, and it was also there where the dog ate all of it.

Clayton and Carrie Law were having a privacy fence installed at their Pennsylvania home, and the contractors that they hired to complete the job requested that they be paid in cash. So, Clayton went to the bank and got $4,000 worth of $100 and $50 bills, and brought the money back to leave for the workers.

Law told KDKA-TV that he left the envelope of cash on the kitchen counter, and couldn’t have turned his back for more than 30 minutes when he had the shocking discovery that his 7-year-old dog Cecil had made a snack out of the money:

“I walked back into the room and then all this cash was on the ground. He’s just like this, standing there, and I’m just like oh my gosh, he ate some of this money and was in shock. I yelled to Carrie, ‘He ate the money, he ate $4,000.'”

After getting over the initial shock of the situation, the couple attempted to piece together whatever was left of the money that their dog had torn into. The Laws were able to scrounge together around $1,500 with bills that were still in tact enough to be replaced, and as for the rest of the cash…

Let’s just say the Pennsylvania couple had to do some dirty work. Later on in the day, Cecil the dog barfed up a couple of $100 bills, so they cleaned and collected that and added it to the pile.

They were able to get their hands on a large chunk of the remaining amount by…sifting through large chunks of poop that Cecil left in the yard over the next couple of days.

Carrie said that they managed to piece together more of the bills after washing the money off in a utility sink, and eventually salvaged $3,550 of the $4,000 they lost. She told the news:

“I never thought I’d be able to say I’ve laundered money, but there is apparently a first time for everything.

We’ve kept at least one of the torn-up bills so we can do a piece of artwork and frame it to commemorate the entire situation. Not that we’d ever forget.”

If Cecil wasn’t in the dog house before all of this, this kitchen counter money heist had to have landed him there, at least until he was ready to be a “good boy” again (and not eat large sums of money).

You can view the local news story about the dollar-eating-dog below:

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