“How The F*ck Is Tim McGraw & Faith Hill So Good?” – Joe Rogan Praises Yellowstone Prequel, ‘1883’

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Taylor Sheridan is finally making his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

While Rogan is a well-versed podcast host who knows how to work with guests covering a multiverse of topics, would it really be an episode with Taylor Sheridan without talking about his empire of Western TV shows? Naturally, the two began talking about the empire that is Yellowstone and the spin-offs from the show.

Joe Rogan opens up that he was blown away by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s performance in 1883. 

“How the f*ck is Tim McGraw and Faith Hill so good? How are they so good at acting? He’s f**king incredible.”

Rogan asks right after Sheridan shares that he was able to shoot over half of 1883 at the 6666 Ranch. Sheridan is right there with an answer as to why not only they were so good but what inspired him to cast them.

“Let me tell you what. Every singer can act, just like every comedian can act.”

Sheridan adds that McGraw in Friday Night Lights is the perfect sports film for him. Because of McGraw’s acting in that film, Sheridan knew that he was able to portray tough characters, similar to his role as James Dutton.

Rogan says, agreeing with McGraw’s conviction in his role:

“You can just tell in that movie, rather than your show, that you just buy he is a stone-cold killer.”

To which Sheridan replies:

“And Faith, she hadn’t acted before. We were just hoping, and she brought it.”

Rogan then notes that the fact they are a real-life married couple added such a level of chemistry that no two actors could achieve on the set. Sheridan nodded in agreement that their ability to work together and act together is beyond professional and impressive, given it’s not their day-to-day career.

I love that these two bragged about McGraw and Hill for their performances because they were killers on screen.

If you haven’t watched 1883, and you loved Yellowstone…get off your butt, or I guess get on your butt and start streaming because it is a stellar 10-episode series.

Check out the portion of the podcast where they chat about the show.

And if you’re looking to listen to the full podcast episode, you can also listen here.

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