Ostrich Chases Cyclists On Pre-Race Ride, Proving It’s Natural To Hate Them

Ostrich chases man on bike

Before I start, let’s be super specific on exactly who I’m talking about here…

When I say cyclist, I’m not talking about someone who has a bike in the garage that they bring out for a lap around the state park a few times a summer. I’m not talking about the person who rides it to a near by store or enjoys a bit of mountain biking in the crisp fall air.

I’m talking about the people who put on spandex, stupid “aerodynamic” helmets, and yell at you to share the road while they take up an entire lane while going 25 under the speed limit.

Every single person, whether you want to admit it or not, thinks those outfits are ridiculous, especially when it’s worn by some accountant and his wife who think Peloton’s are dumb and the only way to actually ride a bike is on major streets and highways. Is it a great workout and can give you some truly incredible Zac Brown calf muscles? Sure can.

Does it also make you the most hated person on the road by a landslide? You betcha.

A video taken back in 2016 is again making the rounds on the internet and it shows that the hating of cyclists is far from a uniquely human experience.

We’ve seen alligators snap at bikers and a deer send a poor dude tumbling into the pavement, and now we can add ostriches to the list of animals that have a vendetta against cyclists.

During the Cape Argus Tour event in South Africa, a group of friends went out on an easy pre-race ride of around 130km (which proves yet again these people are the worst as it’s 80 miles for those who use freedom measurements) but while heading out to the Cape of Good Hope, an unexpected guest joined their posse and showed absolutely no problem keeping up with the pace.

A large white ostrich leapt out from the roadside and began sprinting toward the riders at the front of the group. Obviously this is quite funny, but given they are the world’s largest bird at up to 9 feet tall and 300 pounds, not to mention they can reach 30 miles per hour and have strong legs which they use to fight off lions, cheetahs, and hyenas, this easily could have turned out poorly if the bird was able to catch up.

Fortunately for the riders, they were able to get away with nothing more than a great video, which ironically shows that nature itself hates them and everything they stand for, not just those pesky humans that use cars where cars are supposed to be used.

Is it bad if I was rooting for the bird?

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